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Meet Teresa, RDH

Teresa: Registered Dental Hygienist

Teresa graduated with her dental hygiene degree from Yakima Valley College in 1992, in Yakima, Washington.

Shortly after graduation, she took her Washington state boards at the University of Washington and received her license.  She has been practicing since 1992.

Teresa, and her husband David of 33+ years, relocated to Sammamish, Washington in 1995.  They both fell in love with the area; the beautiful trees, mountains, hills, trails, and lakes.  They have an amazing adult daughter, Michelle, who lives in Kent, Washington.

Their other child is a fur baby, a miniature apricot poodle that lives at home with them.  Her name is Hannah and she enjoys going for walks.  Hannah gets her teeth brushed every day and a dental cleaning every 3 months.  With Teresa's gentle touch, Hannah tolerates her cleanings well, and of course after every brushing and cleaning she always gets a healthy treat. (Usually carrots)

Teresa enjoys traveling, bicycling, boating, and walking her dog along the beautiful Lake Sammamish trail.  She also enjoys meeting up with family and friends, staying home with her husband, and relaxing and watching old concerts on the big screen.

My life is blessed...

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